Black Diamonds

"From Baselines to Basepaths": Dave Winfield, Sherman Jenkins, and Bob Kendrick on the legacy of Ted Strong

Episode Summary

Who was Ted Strong, the man Buck O'Neil called "the greatest athlete he ever saw?" Find out, as Hall of Famer Dave Winfield joins Bob Kendrick (40:25) to talk about his admiration of the Negro Leagues, his career, his multi-sport background, and the legacy of former Negro Leaguer and Harlem Globetrotter Ted Strong (48:25). Plus, Bob breaks down the lengthy crossover history of Negro Leaguers who became basketball stars (0:55), and biographer Sherman Jenkins stops by to talk about the life and lasting impact of the great Ted Strong (14:19).

Episode Notes

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To learn more about Ted Strong, check out "Ted Strong Jr: The Untold Story of an Original Harlem Globetrotter and Negro Leagues All-Star" by Sherman Jenkins -